The Linguistics Department maintains a collection of books, journals, and working papers/conference proceedings, which is kept in three different places: the department lounge (journals and some conference proceedings), SS569 (other conference proceedings), and SS4069 (books). New books are acquired through donations. Most commonly they are donated either by a faculty member, or by the LGCU. The LGCU raises money to purchase new books through the pop and coffee funds.

Books can be signed out by current department members (e.g., graduate students, faculty members, or post-doctoral researchers). To see what books are in the department collection, check on the online library catalogue. The catalogue and other materials related to the library are maintained by the LGCU Library Committee; contact Yanfei Liu for more information, or for help with using the library.

You can sign out books from the catalogue by putting down your name in the ‘Who has it?’ column of the editable version of the spreadsheet. For access to this spreadsheet, contact a member of the library committee, who can send you the link.