This page lists the members and duties of each LGCU committee. LGCU members within the funded cohort are expected to serve on at least one committee every year. An asterisk (*) next to an individual’s name indicates that they are the designated contactperson for the committee (not applicable for executive and CUPE 3902 positions; feel free to contact whoever you are most comfortable with).




Tim Gadanidis, Lisa Schlegl

Represent the LGCU to the department; attend department meetings; organize LGCU meetings; various other duties.


Shabri Kapoor

Manages the LGCU’s finances.


Ryan MacDonald

Takes minutes at meetings and provides related support.

GSU Representatives

Christy Moser

Attend monthly GSU council meetings.

CUPE 3902, Unit 1 Stewards

St. George:



  • (vacant)

Assist members with issues in the workplace; answer questions about CUPE 3902; represent the department in CUPE 3902; attend Steward Council meetings. Not an actual committee of the LGCU; elected by members of CUPE 3902, Unit 1 with 50 hours or more of work in the relevant department.

Departmental committees

Curriculum Committee

*Lisa Sullivan, Liam Donohue

Attend departmental curriculum committee meetings; convey information to graduate students.

WHITL (Blog) Committee

*Will Williams, Parker Robbins

Write posts for the departmental blog, do interviews, take photographs, etc.

Library Committee

*Ryan MacDonald, Tim Gadanidis, Gabriel Palmieri

Manage the departmental collection of books, journals, etc.

Welcome Workshop Committee

*Shabri Kapoor, Lisa Schlegl, Lisa Sullivan, Lex Konnelly

Organize the annual LGCU Welcome Workshop held in the fall for new graduate students.

TWPL Chair

*Greg Antono

Oversees the departmental journal, Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics.

TWPL Editors

Greg Antono, Pocholo Umbal, Kaleigh Woolford, Koorosh Ariyaee, Sahar Taghipour, Christy Moser, Parker Robbins, Shabri Kapoor, Justin Leung, Lauren Bigelow, Lisa Schlegl, Angelika Kiss

Edit articles to appear in TWPL.

Fall Campus Day

*Gabriel Palmieri, Martin Renard, Emma Bornheimer

Be present at the Department of Linguistics booth for around 3 hours in order to answer questions from high-school students and their parents.

March Break Open House

*Christy Moser, Crystal Chen

Be present at the Department of Linguistics booth for around 3 hours in order to answer questions from high-school students and their parents.

SIG Representatives

Kaleigh Woolford (fall), Virgilio Partida Peñalva (winter)

Represent the graduate students on the departmental SSHRC Institutional Grant Program committee.

Equity Committee

*Akil Ismael, Will Williams

Promote inclusion, equality, and anti-oppressive measures within the department.

Departmental Website Committee

*Ryan MacDonald

Provide input into the development and content of the department website.

Plants and Beautification Committee

*Liam Donohue, Lex Konnelly, Abram Clear

Plant plants, and do other things to make the departmental space aesthetically appealing.

Other committees

Welcoming Committee

*Pocholo Umbal, Zhanao Fu

Answer questions from incoming students; arrange welcome lunch and tour in September.

Job Application Workshop Series (JAWS) Committee

*Lisa Sullivan, Katharina Pabst

Organizes JAWS events (approximately one per term).

Computer Committee

*Maya Blumenthal, Parker Robbins

Help maintain the machines in the grad student computer lab.

Space Assignment/Management/Safety Committee

*Shabri Kapoor, Andrew Peters, Ryan MacDonald

Handle grad space desk assignments and complaints about space usage.

TA Evaluations

*Ana Tona Messina

Receives and holds onto TA evaluations; distributes these to TAs after they have finished all grading for courses.

Tutoring Coordinator

*Zachary Feldcamp

Checks email for tutoring requests; announces available positions to the tutoring list.

Writing Support

*Zachary Feldcamp, Nadia Takhtaganova, Christy Moser

Provide feedback to grad students seeking support with their academic writing.

Mindsweeper Wellness Committee

*Liam Donohue, Ryan MacDonald

Create and maintain a positive and healthy work environment for all graduate students in our department.

Social Coordinators

*Kaz Bamba, Fiona Wilson

Organize social activities.

Buddy Program Committee

*Ana Tona Messina, Lisa Schlegl

Develop plans to pair more-experienced graduate students with newer ones.

LGCU Website Committee

*Tim Gadanidis, Fiona Wilson, Justin Leung, Crystal Chen

Develop and maintain the LGCU website.

TA Supervision Excellence Award Committee (TASEA)

*Lisa Sullivan, Koorosh Ariyaee, Nadia Takhtaganova, Kaz Bamba, Lisa Schlegl

Create and maintain the LGCU program to recognize excellence in supervision of TAs.

Outreach Committee

*Akil Ismael, Maya Blumenthal

Tasked with community outreach efforts to foster a greater sense of understanding of linguistics and inclusion of the greater community by involving linguistics graduate students in service towards the greater community.

Anti-Harassment Taskforce

*Lauren Bigelow, Lisa Schlegl, Pocholo Umbal

Jobs include updating code of conduct, making a value statement, checking the pub emails, establishing the points of contact to bring concerns, etc.

Swag Committee

*Shabri Kapoor, Maya Blumenthal, Lauren Bigelow, Christy Moser

In charge of distributing LGCU t-shirts and developing additional LGCU fandom opportunities.

Grant Repository Committee

*Kaleigh Woolford, Fiona Wilson

Collects and distributes successful grant proposals that have been made available by current and former LGCU members